Twice a year, Monash Sustainable Development Institute runs an undergraduate unit, along with Monash Business School, that’s focused on sustainability and organisations.

This unit is about giving students the chance to explore and understand the roles that organisations play in addressing global sustainability challenges. It does this by looking at why innovation is the key to making the world cleaner and more equitable. Through interactive learning and working collaboratively, students can transfer their newly-development skills straightaway to real-world problems and start to make an impact.

Students will develop and demonstrate their career-readiness through real-world challenges by undertaking an environmental and social impact assessment on an organisation, communicating the business case for sustainability, working with various stakeholders, researching and identifying sustainability innovations, and strengthening cross-cultural awareness and teamwork.

Interactive learning

This capstone unit is highly interactive, which is delivered through five intensive workshops that's based on interactive learning. The course is through in a combination of online learning, face-to-face learning with teachers and experts, and working in groups with fellow students.

Next dates

Winter semester 2018 (On-campus block of classes)

Summer semester 2019 (On-campus block of classes)


Gitanjali Bedi, Senior Learning Coordinator

Sustainable Development Education

For more information and to enrol, visit the course page.