Is your organisation facing a complex environmental or social sustainable development challenge? Would you like to address this challenge but currently lack the knowledge, skills or capacity?

Monash Sustainable Development Education will be running the next round of the semester unit within the Master of Environment and Sustainability that offers organisations a unique and free opportunity to build their sustainable development capacity. You can gain access to the expertise of a team of postgraduate students to assist in addressing a sustainable development issue of your choice.

The unit

Interdisciplinary teams of 3-5 students will work on a 12-week project addressing an issue proposed by our partner organisations. With mentoring and supervision by academics and experts at MSDI and additional professional skill training, student teams will:

  • Conduct research and provide a well-argued, easily accessible analysis of the sustainable development issue (e.g. situation analysis, stakeholder analysis, review of best and emerging practice),
  • Identify context specific and relevant solutions, and
  • Develop recommendations for a solution implementation strategy that includes mechanisms to enable the desired change tailored to your organisation.

Types of projects

As a partner organisation, you have the chance to nominate a project that will directly benefit your organisation's needs. Projects can be diverse but should generally address a sustainability governance, policy or management issue. The specific topic, scope of projects and desired outcomes will be determined between partner organisations and MSDI before the start of the unit.

What you can gain

  • A proposal for a solution-based approach to a sustainable development challenge alongside recommendations for an implementation-change strategy – at no cost
  • Latest thinking in the field & combined expertise from multiple disciplines
  • Access to highly motivated, young talent

What is the expected contribution from partners?

You would need to commit up to a maximum of 20 hrs of your time over 12 weeks, preferably for 3 key events (a kick-off event, a mid-term review to ensure alignment between industry needs and student proposals, a final showcase event) and individual meetings with the students for 1-2 hours every 3 weeks, to be negotiated.

Students will be working at the Monash facilities, so there is no need to provide office space within your organisation (except for meetings, if you prefer to meet at your offices).

Interested? Get in touch now.

If you have an idea – or if you just would like to speak to us about the unit, discuss a possible idea, or ask any more questions – get in touch now. Please email Susan Van de Meene, unit co-oordinator,, and we can arrange a time for a follow up conversation.

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