Are you interested in pursuing work in sustainability? Do you want to take your career to the next level? Are you keen to make a positive impact on the world that will be felt for generations?

Lead from where ever you are

When you enrol in the Monash Master of Environment and Sustainability, you’ll be able to pick from five specialisations – including MSDI’s Leadership for Sustainable Development specialisation. Our interactive and interdisciplinary curriculum has been created with leading professionals and researchers to provide you with the best theoretical insights and practical industry skills. We’ll build upon the knowledge and experience you have and connect you to an international network of sustainable development champions who are already making a difference across the world.

What’s more, we’re the first and only Masters program in Australia to offer a leadership in sustainable development specialisation and our interdisciplinary approach means that you’ll get the skills and knowledge you need to create tranformational change.

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Leadership for sustainable development specialisation

Society’s biggest sustainable development challenges need creative and innovative solutions. For this we need people who are passionate and dedicated to embracing complexity, and who are able to inspire action and influence behaviour change in others.

Worldwide, there is a growing demand for professionals from a wide range of fields, organisations and sectors, who can collaborate, lead and deliver change that will create widespread sustainability. What Monash Sustainable Development Institute does is equip students with everything that’s needed to become a future leader, including cutting-edge theoretical insights, analytical and practical skills that will allow you to guide, influence and lead the development of positive social, environmental and economic solutions.

You will learn this through three specialised units:

Processes to Influence Change
Creating long-lasting and transformative change requires a combination of long-term thinking with short-term action. In this unit, students will learn to analyse the current systems and strategically plan social change that will contribute to sustainable development, and influence others to do the same.
Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change

Human behaviour is at the root of every sustainable development challenge; we have to challenge our current practices and think of new, more sustainable ways to grow economies and improve societies. Students will learn from some of our leading behaviour-change experts about how to unpack public policy issues using a behavioural lens, identify key drivers and use evidence-based interventions to bring about real-world results.

Leading Change for Sustainable Development

The world needs all sorts of leaders, and at all levels, to move our societies and economies to more sustainable pathways. You will learn about different models of leadership that are suited to dealing with complex problems that don’t have borders, techniques that will help you lead cross-disciplinary teams, and how to promote change. The unit finishes with an assessment of where and how you will be most effective as a leader.

Interdisciplinary project for sustainable development solutions

Collaboration across disciplinary boundaries is a key ingredient to addressing sustainable development challenges. In this capstone unit, you will develop your skills for working effectively in an interdisciplinary, group context. In a team of students from different disciplines/ specialisations, you will work alongside a partner organisation to identify, analyse and address 'real-world' complex, sustainability challenges. Together with your team, you will work on a 12-week project seeking solutions to a sustainability governance, policy or management issue that has been identified by our exciting partner organisations.

Why choose our Masters?

The Monash Sustainable Development Institute is one of the world’s leading research and education institutes in sustainable development and host to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Solutions Network (Australia-Pacific). That means that we’re leading the regional conversation on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and how to implement them. This new sustainable development agenda will guide action across the world until 2030 and makes us best equipped to connect you to the regional and international networks you'll need to make an impact in sustainable development.


The collaborative Master of Environment and Sustainability brings together interdisciplinary expertise from Science, Arts, Business and MSDI to offer rich learning opportunities. Students will have access to a broad platform of knowledge, which you can complement with a broad range of electives tailored to your own interests. You will also apply your new-found knowledge through internships, interdisciplinary team projects or research, which will allow you to take theoretical knowledge and use it for practical purposes.

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