The ‘Transforming the Future – Leaders Program’ is an interactive, co-curricular program developed by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute to equip high achieving Monash Business School students with an understanding of how organisations can respond to challenging global issues by transforming those challenges into opportunities to innovate and prosper.   

Designed for young leaders who want to be at the forefront of thinking around business improvement, innovation, leadership and good business practices, Transforming the Future - Leaders program is an exclusive leadership program for Monash Business School students. The program is run twice a year. Students will:

  • Explore the challenges for the future business world and learn how companies do well by doing good
  • Learn how business is responding to complex social and environmental issues and transforming these into innovative opportunities
  • Work alongside a business to identify areas for improvement and recommend solutions
  • Gain new professional skills and tools to strengthen student’s degree
  • Participate in engaging and interactive workshops and build networks

"Great professional development! Amazing program." - Monash University Participant 2016

What does the program cover?

The five-day program consists of workshops featuring expert facilitators, industry guest speakers and training. Students are provided an opportunity to work closely with a business to conduct an environmental and social impact assessment. Students then present areas for improvement and recommend solutions that they could implemented. Students will learn about sustainability, business improvement, innovation, leadership and good business practices. Specially, the program covers:

  • The changing global context and future challenges for business
  • Understanding drivers for organisational change
  • Creating a business case for organisational change
  • Measuring the environmental and social impacts of business
  • How to engage key stakeholders
  • Learning Influential negotiation skills
  • Learning the tools of effective communication and presentation
  • Using the B Corp impact assessment framework to measure the sustainability of a business
  • Learning how to strengthen your leadership competencies for the changing world

Next dates

To be confirmed, please check back soon.

Am I eligible to apply?

The selection process for a place within the program is competitive, with only 30 places available for each program that is run twice a year. Successful applicants from the Monash Business School are selected based on their leadership potential and interest in sustainability.

All places for successful student applicants are fully sponsored.

To be eligible for the program, you must: 

  • Be currently enrolled in Monash Business School
  • Have a strong desire to become a Leader who wants to make a positive impact in the world (no prior study in this field is necessary)
  • Be able to attend ALL the dates listed in the schedule below
  • Be passionate and committed to fully participating in the experience

How do I apply?

1. Write a short response (maximum one page) to the task below.

2. Attach an up-to-date CV or resume to the online form (See Monash Career Resources for tips)


The task

In one A4 page (single sided), please tell us about the following:

Part 1: Tell us about you!

1. With respect to my future career: what do I care about strongly? Where does my passion lie? (List 5 things that come to mind)

2. What strengths and attributes do I bring to a team? (List 5 things that come to mind)

3. As a future leader, what aspects about myself do I wish to develop further? (a few lines)

Part 2: Share with us an example of an inspiring business or organisation making a positive impact in the world.

1. Who are they? What does the business do? (a few words)

2. How do they do it? (describe the business model briefly)

3. In what ways are they making a positive impact in the world? (describe in a few sentences)

4. Why does this business inspire you? (a few sentences)

Remember to keep your response to one A4 page!



Gitanjali Bedi, Senior Learning Coordinator

Sustainable Development Education