What is a workplace project?

A Green Steps workplace project is an environmental sustainability initiative you will design during the training component of the course and implement in the six weeks following the completion of the training.

Does it need to be based on where I currently work?

No. Not all participants in the Green Steps course work in a job that would allow them to base a project on where they work. Participants are able to choose a worthy organisations to base their project on, whether it’s a not for profit, community organisation or a place they would one day like to work.

Do I need permission from the organisation I base my project on?

Yes. The workplace project requires you to have some understanding of the needs of that organisation, and that requires you to work with them and if possible, get some data on their current environmental performance.

Will Green Steps help me find an organisation to base my project on?

We get asked this a lot, and while we would love to be a match-maker, we know we can’t dedicate the time and attention required to match participants up to worthy organisations for this component of the course.  

How do I approach an organisation to base my project on?

We encourage participants to think about their own network and create a list of organisations that they feel inspired by, would one day like to work for or organisations that friends and relatives work for. Then it’s simply a case of making contact with that organisation to tell them about the Green Steps course and how you would like to support that organisation.

Do I need to know what my project is before the course starts?

It is useful to have an understanding of your organisations’ current sustainability initiatives and challenges, however you don’t need to have a fully formed project in mind. This will take place during the training, with the support of the Green Steps facilitators and your fellow participants.

Does my project need to end after six weeks?

Your project may be something you have already started, or it may be something that will continue after the six week period. The aim of the workplace project is to apply your knowledge from the course and put it in to action in the six weeks following the training so you can learn by doing. We love hearing when projects continue and grow as a result of the Green Steps course.

How will I be supported during the six weeks?

The Green Steps trainers will get an understanding of your project during the training and will check in with you via phone and email during the six weeks. This gives you a chance to get some feedback and guidance during this time and help refresh aspects of the training.

What happens at the end of the six weeks?

As part of the course, participants will come together for a half-day report back (either face-to-face or via conference call/ Skype) to feedback on how they went about their project, what were the highlights and what were the challenges. The Green Steps trainers will have assessed your final report to also provide feedback. This is a fantastic way to talk about your experience, learn from your fellow peers’ experience and celebrate the end of your Green Steps training experience (and start of your sustainability journey).

What do I need to include in my workplace project report?

Green Steps will provide you with a report template to include an outline of the project, steps on carrying out the project as well as tools to reflect on your experience of implementing a sustainability initiative. The trainers will cover this with you during the course.